Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it's that kind of thing that makes you smile 1 month later, when you remember it. he's that kind of person that whispers "alligator" after someone says "see you later". you're that type of person that doesn't dare holding his hand when you're at the subway and he's really close and doesn't notice you passing by. it's that kind of weather that makes you go in cemeteries and take photos of them dead people's stories written on cold stones. it's that kind of street that makes you tip-toe on every cubic stone, murmuring the "alice in wonderland" song, but not even trying to do that dance. it's that kind of store that smells so good it makes you check what's upstairs, even tho it's the origami section and you hate origami for being so complicated simple. it's that kind of stare that makes your heart pump a little bit more blood through your veins, just because his eyes are black. it's that kind of place that makes you go back home and wear leggings, even tho it's bloody freezing outside and you're no english girl. it's that kind of caffe with that kind of muffin that makes you try for over 1 hour make the internet work, just because you like that british accent of his whispering directions in your ear(s). it's that kind of clock that makes you take photos of it for several times, same angle, hoping that the sun will come out and the clock would actually work. it's that kind of free cappuccino that has cinnamon heart-shaped spread over it that makes you hold the paper cup in you're hands till the coffee's all cold and you decide to drink the heart whole, hoping the caffeine will fill your heart. it's that kind of sunset that makes you climb the fence to see the last bits of it, even tho you feel someone pulling your jacket saying "they might catch you darling". it's that kind of old old train where there's a deadly drunk young man talking bout stars on the sky and calling everybody 'john'.
i'm that kind of girl that talks about going to england as if i were in love.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ma cuprinde sentimentul acela cand stiu ca ceva rau trebuie sa se intample, insa mai e ceva timp pana atunci. si timpul trece, se scurge, lasand in urma amintiri. si cand se scurge jumatate din timp, ma consolez cu gandul ca mai e acea jumatate. si imi doresc sa profit de bucata aceea, sa arat ca-mi pasa. dar nu reusesc, tot ce reusesc sa fac este sa inchei lucruri care nu ar trebui sa ia sfarsit atat de repede, lucruri care ar putea sa dureze ceva mai mult, dar din frica, incetez totul cu mult mai devreme decat ar trebui. si cand trece de jumatate, totul se reduce la mult mai putin, la cateva ore, asta nefiind jocul imaginatiei mele, fiind o ironie bizara. exact cand lucrurile revin la normal, acel ceva rau se intampla mult mai devreme, mult prea repede pentru a-mi putea controla emotiile.
in mai putin de 3 zile am sa pierd doua dintre cele mai importante persoane din viata mea si urasc asta cu fiecare parte din mine.

photo copyright ©to ~pa7nass.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

' i'm just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and i'm waiting for my rocket to come '.
daca are vreun sens, fredonez asta continuu si ma gandesc ce persoana fara inima trebuie sa fiu daca nu imi pasa cat de mult tine o persoana la mine. sau daca nu imi pasa ca mi-o spune sau nu.
' i'm cold-hearted ', she said, throwing away the rose.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


and his eyes would dash with excitement like a madman's peering at a morbid crime. he would press his fingers on her palms, carving fingerprints on the skin long enough to cause winding shades of plum whorls for a while. she would grab him by the shirt and drag him closer, thrusting his chest with her cheek-bone. he would chuckle, luring her closer to him, holding her tight by the shoulders. she'd inhale, letting his smell glide in, grinning. he'd pass by in silence for a few seconds more, then start releashing a bunch of crowded words bout nonsense perfect things.
it'd all begin on a wednesday, end on that wednesday, but going on forever, in front of the movies.